I believe in the added value of young professional coaching. Through enhanced self-knowledge you are able to develop from a basis of self-confidence and authenticity.

For HR professionals

Why coaching for young professionals?

It is a challenge to attract and retain talented young professionals. You want to be an attractive employer, appealing to well educated graduates. Your company wants dedicated and talented young professionals to enjoy their work and grow professionally. The continuous attraction, development and optimisation of your talented employees are both a necessity and a skill. 

Coaching is a commonly applied intervention for developing talented employees. Its efficacy has been proven on an executive management level (Jones et al, 2016), whereas coaching at an earlier stage in a career also has significant added value – as shown in my own research into the added value of high potential coaching in a Dutch multinational. High potential participants indicated to have an increased insight into their strengths, their impact on others, but also in their growth limiting beliefs. As a result of coaching they had become more effective professionals leading to a significant number promotions across the organisation in the coached group. 

As a result of my personal experience and based on my research on high potential coaching, I strongly believe in the added value of young professional coaching. I have seen how young professionals benefited from coaching, early on in their careers. Coaching facilitated them not only to discover but - more importantly - to realise their full potential. Through enhanced self-knowledge they were able to develop from a basis of self-confidence and authenticity. Without burning out. The result is a more effective and motivated professional, who knows where he is heading. Gaining such important self-insights at an early stage in their career will be beneficial both for the organisation and the professional for the rest of their career!

Several young professionals all over the world have discovered this benefit. Professionals I have coached worked, amongst others, at universities (PhD students), hospitals, consultancy firms, multinationals and the government. 

Would you like to know whether your employees would benefit from coaching? Please contact me for more information.

Thanks to Maaike I have gained more insight into what it is that motivates me in my job, what obstacles I encounter in my job and how I can overcome these. I am very satisfied with her coaching!
— Remco - Heartbeat Ventures

Who is Maaike Taconis?

About me

My background is international and diverse. After graduating in a Chemistry Master I have worked in several industries; from a business analyst in the chemical industry to a manager at a big four management consultancy firm. I have worked in the Netherlands, the U.S.A., Australia, Germany and Great Britain. Currently I live in Hasselt, Belgium. 

As healthcare consultant I have been involved with many change projects within healthcare. An important reason for me to improve my coaching skills, is that I have realised the importance of ‘the personal side’ of organisational change and how crucial it is to involve employees when successfully implementing change. I developed a special interest in this relatively small part of my consultancy practice. 

As it was specifically this aspect of my work that fascinated me, I decided to increase my expertise by undertaking an MA in Coaching and Mentoring Practice at Oxford Brookes University. My scientific foundation forms the basis of my coaching models and mode of practice. My coaching philosophy is based on psychological theories, such as existentialism and person-centred psychology, and on adult learning theories, such as experiential learning, transformative learning and andragogy (the art and science of helping adults learn). Additionally, I base my philosophy on theories of adult development across the lifespan as shaped in developmental coaching.


how we work together


When you consider young professional coaching, the coachee and I will first have a introductory session in order to exchange our expectations of coaching and verify whether we have a match and would like to work together. This session is free of charge, without any obligation.

If we decide to work together, the coach trajectory usually starts with a meeting between you or the manager, the coachee and myself. During this meeting we discuss the goal and mode of practice and communication. A coach trajectory usually comprises of five to eight coaching sessions, after which we can close the trajectory with a meeting with you or the manager. 


What is the investment?


  • Coaching costs € 150 an hour. 
  • A trajectory usually comprises of five to eight sessions.

  • It is also possible to agree to a price per trajectory.




I am a member of EMCC and Nobco, which are associations for professional coaches in  Europe and the Netherlands.


WHere can coaching take place?


  • I coach both in English and Dutch.

  • Coaching takes place face-to-face, and/or via Skype or Facetime. Young professionals who I have coached particularly enjoyed a form of e-coaching, as it allowed them to be coached when- and wherever they felt most comfortable.

  • I coach face-to-face both in the Netherlands and in Belgium.