Young Professional Coaching

Insight. Development. Flow.

Young professional coaching can help you answer questions related to work, to work-life balance or to personal development. I facilitate you in developing a clear vision of your career, more fulfilment in your job, creating a greater balance in life and strengthening your inherent power.

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Young Professional Coaching

For you

In young professional coaching I focus on coaching ambitious and well-educated professionals in the first 10-15 years of their career, who aim to maximise their potential by being truly authentic. Being a young professional you can be a graduate, PhD student, a parent returning to work, or any other well-educated professional in your 20’s and 30’s. 

Coaching helps you to explore and realise your full potential. To identify who you currently are, what your attributes, preferences and skills are, and what it is that makes your life meaningful for you. This will enable you to develop and grow from a sense of self-confidence and to flourish by staying close to your self. This will guide you to a place of flow (joy, success, meaning, fulfilment…etc.) in your career and private life.

In the coaching sessions we will specify, reframe and realise your goals. Perhaps you currently have one of the following career development questions or challenges:

  • What are my attributes, talents and/or motivation?

  • Which direction do I want to give to my (professional) life?

  • What makes me tick?

  • How can I create more flow in my job?

  • How can I establish a more sustainable work-life balance?

  • How can I effectively deal with stress?

  • How can I learn to make deliberate decisions?

  • What are my pitfalls and my (limiting) beliefs?

  • How can I be a more effective leader?

  • How can I effectively work together with my colleagues and managers?

Do you recognise one of the above examples or do you have a personal development question? Please get in touch for a consultation to see what I can do for you - free of charge and without any obligation. 

What clients say about Maaike

  • Thanks to Maaike I have gained more insight into what it is that motivates me in my job, what obstacles I encounter in my job and how I can overcome these. I am very satisfied with her coaching
    — Remco - Heartbeat Ventures
  • Our coaching sessions gave me peace of mind by knowing I had properly thought about my job choices in a structured and informed way. It also gave me insight in my process of decision-making and in which choices I wanted to make.
    — Nienke - doctor and PhD student
  • I have become more aware of what drives and motivates me. This has made me not only more effective, but also clearly happier in my work. I would recommend coaching to every young professional, certainly when coached by Maaike!
    — Amber - management trainee healthcare
  • I have gotten to know myself better. By talking openly about things that normally only go through my mind, I have gained insight in myself. I have learned to recognise my thought patterns. With Maaike, I have made and executed an action plan, and I have realised that not choosing, is actually also a choice I make.
    — Harrie - software engineer
  • Maaike is empathetic, smart and cheerful. She can accurately put in words, what I was trying to express. She can dig a bit deeper than I could when I tried alone. After every session I felt I had taken an important step forward.
    — Saskia - doctor and PhD-student

Who is Maaike Taconis?

About me

My background is both international and diverse. After graduating in a Chemistry Master of Drug Innovation I started my professional life as a new business development analyst in a large international chemical company. Later, I made a career change to become a manager at a big four management consultancy firm (healthcare consulting). I have worked in the Netherlands, the U.S.A., Australia, Germany, Great Britain and Belgium. Currently I live in and work from Delft.

lost and found

During my time as healthcare consultant I realised the importance of ‘the personal side’ of change in an organisation. An important part of the job was coaching managers and their team through necessary transitions. As it was specifically this aspect of my work that fascinated me, I decided to increase my expertise by undertaking an MA in Coaching and Mentoring Practice at Oxford Brookes University. As part of the study, I was coached by an experienced coach, who encouraged me to gain self-insight and who challenged my views on my life and career. This self-knowledge helped me to consciously choose for what I really enjoy doing. I learned to understand and overcome limiting beliefs. I realised that I thoroughly enjoy ‘making a difference through connecting with others’. This resulted in where I currently stand: young professional coach. 


Knowledge Gives STRENGTH

I strongly believe in the added value of young professional coaching. I base this on my personal experience and on the results of my MA dissertation on the added value of high potential coaching. I have seen how young professionals benefit from coaching, early on in their careers. Increasing your self-knowledge through coaching helps you to develop from a basis of self-confidence and authenticity. This creates a wonderful platform to experience more joy and success, both professionally and privately. When gaining important self-insights at an early stage in your career, you will benefit the rest of your career!

Would you like to know more about my professional background or my education? Please have a look at my LinkedIn Profile.

I am a member of EMCC and Nobco, which are associations for professional coaches in resp. Europe and the Netherlands.

Maaike is an empathetic coach, who can also confront you when needed. She helps you to maximise your potential at work, and will also help you to get more out of life in general!
— Remco - Lead practitioner - Heartbeat Ventures

How will we work together?



My philosophy on coaching


Coaching is a form of learning, with a clear goal, which is different for each individual. My perspective is holistic: you develop as a whole person, both professionally and personally. An essential element in this process is increasing your self-knowledge and self-awareness, as I believe these to be fundamental in your personal career development. You gain insight in why you undertake certain things, and in your, often unconscious, limiting beliefs. But that is not all. To reach your goals you take small steps, with my support and encouragement.

With an underpinning belief that you eventually hold all the answers to your questions or issues, it is my responsibility to create a secure, non-judgmental and stimulating coaching environment, allowing you to reflect, become more self-aware and find your answers.

My scientific background forms the basis of my coaching models and mode of practice. My coaching philosophy is based on several psychological and adult learning theories, such as existentialism, experiential learning and transformative learning, and on theories of adult development across the lifespan, as shaped in developmental coaching.

How does a coach trajectory look like?

Coach trajectory

Coaching starts with a consultation in order to exchange our expectations of coaching and verify whether we have a match and would like to work together. This session is free of charge, without any obligation.

If we decide to work together, the coach trajectory starts, which usually comprises of five to eight sessions. I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and I tailor my coaching tools to suit you and your individual needs. A coach trajectory is different for everyone, but will at least encompass:

  • Laying Foundations:In the initial intake session we lay the foundation for a relationship of trust and we explore and reframe your goals for coaching. The context and system you live in will also be involved.

  • Increasing self-awareness:Dependent on your individual preferences and objectives, we can make use of several tools and techniques.

  • Action:Which small steps can you take now? We will explore how to overcome any barriers or obstacles you may face along the way.

  • Result:I facilitate and stimulate you to continuously take small steps towards your goal. You will experiment with new behaviour and new perspectives. You will learn through new experiences and your continuous reflection on your experiences.


Where can I be coached?

  • I coach both in English and Dutch.

  • Coaching can take place in person, and/or via Skype or Facetime. Young professionals who I have coached particularly enjoyed a form of e-coaching, as it allowed them to be coached when- and wherever they felt most comfortable.

  • I coach face-to-face both in the Nederlands and in Belgium.

What is the investment?

  • For young professionals who finance this coach trajectory themselves, I have reduced the price to € 100 an hour.

  • When this price is an obstacle for you, please get in touch, so we can discuss the possibilities together.

  • A trajectory usually comprises of five to eight sessions.


Would you like to know whether you could benefit from coaching? Please contact me for more information.

Our contact via Skype was pleasant and profound. For me there was no difference with a face-to-face contact. What I particularly enjoyed was that we had coaching sessions while I was at home - in familiar surroundings, at times that suited me best.
— Charlotte - Associate Director KPMG Australia
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You can also work in groups


Besides coaching sessions I regularly give workshops for Young Professionals and High Potentials. Themes of the workshops vary. Their intention however, is for you to get to know yourself better, which allows you to make thoughtful decisions, work efficiently and fulfilled your potential. I often work with inspring colleagues.

In March 2020, for example, I will give a workshop ‘The Art of Choosing’ together with Rombout van den Nieuwenhof. If you are interested in an English spoken workshop, please contact me.